Grover Cleveland High School
Summer Class of '61

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Sonia Wachter
In Searh Of

Carl Odus Waggoner

Judith Ann Wallace
Van Nuys, CA

Darrell Royal Wanner
In Search Of

Russell Kent Ward
Newburg, OR

Don Stevens Warner
In Search Of

Fredrick "Fred" William Washburn
Reno, NV

Elaine Nancy Watson
Gallup, NM

Molly Johanna Webb
Oceano, CA

Dorothy Ann Weldon
Reidsville, North Carolina

Warren Irving Wetzel
Reno, NV

John Harry Weyland
In Search Of

Harry Grant Whale
Woodland Hills, CA

Charles "Chuck" Whitaker
In Search Of

Carole Frances White
In Search Of

Kenneth White
In Search Of

Margie Whitted
Chatsworth, CA

Robert "Bob" Leslie Williams
In Search Of

Ray Wesley Williams
In Search Of

James Francis Wilson
In Search Of

Wenzel Mathia Wochos
In Search Of

Tana Dorralene Wooding (Veronica Chase)
Costa Rica


Brian Woodruff

George Wunderlin
Camera Shy:
Wallace, Suzanne Glenn - Independence, Or
Welch, Ernest Nathan -In Search Of
Wilson, Richard Gordon Jr. - In Search Of
Wyatt, Charles Gerard - In Search Of