Grover Cleveland High School
"Class of 1961"

Our City waits each night for a new day to bring it to life. For the two and a half years it has housed the lives of its temporary citizens and for the countless years ahead we dedicate this annual to Grover Cleveland High School.


Summer Class of "61

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Darwin Abbott
Fairoaks, CA

Karen Adams
Santa Barbara, CA

Marie Adams
In Search Of

Robert Adams
In Search Of

Edward Adesko

Arthur Agar
Magnolia, Texas

Randall Wm. Albrecht

Gregory Leroy Allen
Flagstaff, AZ

Claudia Allender

David Anderson
Winnetka, CA

Jeffrey Anderson
In Search Of

Jerry Anderson
Chatsworth, CA

Thomas Anderson

William Anderson
In Search Of

Sharon Lee Apple
Yreka, CA

Marilyn Arnold

Jack Arnspiger
Borintique, Utah

Carol Jean Attman
Lancaster, CA

Jon Aurich


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