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Memories of Reseda Elementary School


Oh things were certainly different back in1953!!!

Memory submitted by David Kemp...

One day, in 1953, the Big Fat Bully of Reseda Elementary School complained to fourth grade teacher Mr. Fife that three of his students, Sammy Dempsey, his twin brother Wally, and David Kemp called him some bad names at recess.  Mr. Fife told the boys that he didn’t want to send them to the Principal’s Office and that it would be best if they just told him what they said to the Big Fat Bully. 

Mr. Fife:  “David, what did Wally call him?”

David:  “Wally called him a @#$%^.”

Mr. Fife:  “What did Sammy call him?”

David:  “Sammy called him an &*(@.”

Mr. Fife:  “What did you call him?”

David:  “I called him *&^%.”

Mr. Fife:  “OK David you stand here in the hallway outside of our classroom and put your back to the wall.  Wally, you get over here next to David.  Sammy, you get on the other side.  Now, what I’m about to do is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you.”

Then Mr. Fife grabbed Sammy and Wally by the head and banged their heads into David’s head.

David:  “What the?”

That happened three times that semester at Reseda Elementary School.  If you don’t believe this story just ask Bob Hovey, Karen Adams, and Tommy Harris.  They know it’s true.





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