'61 Saturday Dinner Candids

Classmate photos are in alphabetic order








Karen Adams


Greg Allen



Sam Dempsey, wife Cindy and son





Wally Dempsey and wife Darlene





           Skip Eklund & wife



Ernie Foli  S'60

Judy Garrett



David Kemp and wife Olga


Karen Hennes S'60  


Jack Healy


Vicky and Ken Kelsey W'61

Dottie La Cour



Barbaara Joyce (DiCrestina)





Dawn MesKimen


Joyce Rulig (Ridenhoyr)  











Jerry Shea



                           Organizer of the 60th reunion
                              Year long cheerleader





Susie Shroyer (Overall)



Kurt Van Laar and wife 





The Kemps,  Kelseys and Dempseys posed for a group photo.





Tom Zirnite and Wife



Ernie Foli & Karen Hennes
came as "friend" dates 



Does this take you back to the prom?   


Ernie Foli gave a corsage for Karen




Jerry Shea and Kurt Van Laar were the work-a-bees 











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