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  '61 Dinner Dance Candids

Classmate photos are in alphabetic order




Karen Adams


David Anderson and wife Lillian


David Baumsteiger

Bonnie Box S'60


Sam Dempsey and wife Cindy


Wally Dempsey and wife Darlene


Howard Bell and Wife

Skip Eklund

Eric Frost


George Hawes and wife Kathy


Vicky and Ken Kelsey W'61

Steve Hoyle S'60


Barbaara Joyce

Greeted classmates at check-in.


Dawn MesKimen


Dennis Petersen S'60


Jim Sauer

A young Jim Sauer was posted on one of the display boards.


Some of the guys that enjoyed talking together.

Zirnite, Baumsteiger, Dempsey S., Dempsey W., Eklund, Wetzel, Bell and Sauer.


Jerry Shea

Elek Fenyes S'62 and Jerry Shea S'61 were in Photo Club together.

Elek Fenyes had a portfolio of his photos which included one of Dawn MesKimen in 1961.


Susie Shroyer

Russ Ward

Margie Ward S'62

The incredible, hardworking, organizer of this event.


Warren Wetzel

George Hawes looking at display boards.

Harry Whale


Tom Zirnite and Wife


Dave Anderson looking at one of many displays


Folks getting ready for group photo.

Ward ,Frost, Box, Kelsey, Adams, and MesKimen




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